2 comments on “Fuda Considered Tail of the Donkey in Primary Race

  1. I had the pleasure of attending the (meet and greet candidates) at Sunrise Inn. Frank Fuda emphatically said during his term the commissioners were able to work closely with all Trumbull County entities to get things accomplished. Well, being from one of those entities I personally went to Frank THREE times and one person before me to tell him of the problems at the Engineer’s office. His answers, “I heard everything was running alright and my hands are tied we have no control over him.”
    Is it not the commissioners job to approve the funding for each department? We even went to HR Jim Keating when the superintendent put his hands on an employee. Franks answer,” there is nothing I can do.” How can I support someone who cannot do anything at his job!

  2. Major mismanagement by Fuda also with the CSEA during the 2011-12 years. Too bad not many people know what he did to our agency.

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