2 comments on “Something going wrONg in Trumbull County

  1. No words so true as this article has come from Trumbull County in a long time. Lets step up voters and show the Good Old Boys we are done with them. We want Honesty back in our puplic offices. We want to know we can call a public official and he or she will call us back personally. No one elected by the voters should be unreachable. Public officials seem to forget it was the voters that put them in that office, and its the voters that will take them out. If I call to speak to a Judge, he should speak to me, because in the end we all want the truth to come out. Right?

  2. Trumbull County is the most corrupt area I have ever been in!!! Vienna Twp police did not even have proof that I drove down a ”private street” which is on Avalon Creek Blvd- a PUBLIC street and I was arrested for ‘Criminal Trespassing’!! Nice Job Officer Ludt and Pecchio for not abiding by your sworn duty!!!

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