11 comments on “Probate Nightmare on High Street: Swift’s Severe Actions

  1. I hope every official involved in this case is held accountable for their actions in a higher court of law and required to repay their “fees” back to the family trust. This is Unconscionable!

    • The corruption goes all the way up. Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor indicated that these individuals (court) did no wrong. The probate court has been victimizing families for years and getting away with it. They are all going down!

      • visit http://www.drginareghetti.com click on Dear Readers.
        On 10-30-2012, two of the Champion Trustees held an illegal meeting in an attempt to re-zone my commercial property to residential before I received my occupancy permit. Thanks to one of the Trustees, Bill Templeton taping the meeting, the CD was turned over to the FBI. Same players involved as in this probate case. They are going down. The ring is very deep, dark, and ugly.

  2. Where can you get a trust to manage with no accounting or investment credentials? Trumbull county. Where can you bill a trust for over $12800 for 1 1/2 hours work and claim it was a billing error? Trumbull county.
    Where can you keep said overage because the judge has not ordered it paid back? Trumbull county.
    Sounds like a comedy routine from “Here’s your sign” except this is not a comedy. It’s real life and these people need to be held accountable. This is a disgusting abuse of power so everyone can get their hands in the till.

  3. My mother, Elizabeth McCall, has been “incarcerated” in Windsor House Nursing Home, Champion, against her wishes by Judge Swift, for the past 5 yrs. He takes campaign contributions from the WH corporate lawyer, a Trumbull Co attorney, who practices before him in the Trumbull Co. Probate Court. If “filling beds” for campaign contributions weren’t enough of an ethical crime by this judge, be aware that through a political sweetheart deal with the leaders of the Democratic party, this Tea Party Republican, Swift, runs unopposed, thus rendering campaign contributions rather a mute point.

    You can be certain that those chosen to raid the Sentinek Trust are billing it so that they too, have enough to contribute $$’s to Swift’s future 2014 unopposed campaign re-election.

  4. We feel we have enough info to bring this case to light. We need anyone taken advantage of by Judge Swift and his cast to contact me ASAP. You can private message me on FB. D. Setinsek

  5. Good luck Joe and Dorothy. That’s an absolute shame public officials are taking advantage of your parents. If it was a regular person they would be in jail. I hope they get what they deserve.

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